6 for Success

Ditch dieting for good

6 for Success is a programme to help people who have tried ‘everything’ to lose weight and change their habits forever. Ditch the diet mentality and embrace healthy eating. A 6-week programme which will change your life.

• Is every Monday morning the day of the diet?
• Are you fed up of trying yet another diet?
• Are you bored of weighing and measuring food?
• Frustrated because you can’t lose weight whatever you do?
• Are you confused by all the diet messages out there?
• Do you feel tired and lethargic?

What if I told you:

• Weight-loss can be easy
• You will lose the weight and keep it off
• You are able to eat normal and delicious food
• You can be in charge of what you eat
• You can follow a simple and clear eating plan to achieve optimum weight-loss
• You will regain energy, enthusiasm, and joy for life

6 for Success offers:

1:1 personal weight loss support

Daily advice and encouragement, 7 day-a-week support

Provides advice and recipes for eating normal food, so you don’t feel hungry and still lose weight

Daily accountability to keep you on track

Successful weight loss

A champion to challenge, advise and motivate you

Devote 6 weeks to project YOU


I set up my business because I am passionate about helping people lose weight successfully.

Research has proven that the average time we spend on a ‘diet’ or weight loss programme is just four weeks.

I discovered this myself while working for a well-known weight-loss company, which is why 6 for Success was born.

Six weeks is long enough to lose a significant amount of weight, learn new habits and strategies to continue the weight loss journey. I’ve been helping people lose weight successfully for fifteen years.



“This programme will change the way you look at weight loss forever. You will never have to go on a diet again.”

Are you ready to get started? Get in touch by calling 07745169522 or email yve@6forsuccess.com

Can’t thank Yve enough for being an amazing coach – I have finished my 6 weeks and determined to maintain my slim shape! Cannot praise Yve enough and all done remotely!


Yve is AMAZING at what she does in supporting you as a client on your weight loss / healthy journey… it also helps she’s great fun too! Without hesitation, I’d recommend her.


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