Are you wondering why you can’t lose weight whatever you do? Are you doing lots of exercise and finding no difference on the scales? Do you lack energy and motivation? You are in the right place.

I can help you because I know this programme works. It works for me, and I should know because I have been on a permanent diet since I was a teenager! I’ve tried them all, even the evil cabbage soup diet. Some worked short-term, but I always put the weight back on and sometimes more.

Diets don’t work.

That’s why I want you to ditch dieting for good and embrace a healthy eating plan that will set you up for success now and in the future.

I have been running 6 for Success for over eight years and have hundreds of happy clients who have lost weight and maintained their weight loss. In 2019, I was nominated for 3 Awards. In the Sue Ryder Women of Achievement Awards I was a finalist for the Innovation category for the different way I am supporting people with their weight loss. In The Business girls Network Annual Awards I was delighted to be a finalist in two categories: ‘Most Inspiring & Active Business Girl’ and ‘Progress’ Awards. And to my surprise at The Inspire Conference, I won ‘The Most Inspiring and Active Business Girl’ Award and it was my lovely clients who helped make this happen.

This is about a healthy lifestyle …not another diet or a quick fix solution.

While working for a well-known weight loss company I realised that certain people need more help than others to achieve their weight loss goals.

Some people need 1:1 daily support motivation, encouragement, advice, and accountability to be successful. Which is where I come in. I will be your cheerleader and supporter every step of the way. I will make sure you succeed with your weight loss goals.

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