Are you carrying any excess weight right now?

I don’t just mean physically, but mentally too?

It’s heavy, isn’t it? Exhausting, debilitating, disabling and dangerous.

Why don’t we ‘off load’ the excess?

Forget Coronavirus for the moment, lets talk about generally. Pre the year that changed everything.

Excess weight isn’t easy to just ‘off load’. We don’t overeat or make choices that aren’t healthy because we are uneducated, lazy or greedy. Hence why people who don’t struggle with their weight will tell us it’s simple. “Just eat less and move more!” Often accompanied by an eye roll. Smugness at it’s worst.

Some of us consume our emotional needs in the form of comfort food and drink. You’ve had a hellish day. Too many people wanting too much from you. Your teenage daughter has decided to adopt a vegan diet, just before you serve up steak and chips. Your elderly father wants you to show him exactly how to send a text on the mobile phone you purchased for him to make life easier just as were ready to go for a walk. Your partner calls you saying they are going to be late home so will grab a pizza, would you like one too? And then the dog decides to do a whoopsie on your cream carpet.

Enter stage left, you with a hearty glass of Sauvignon Blanc and any resolve out the window. Gone for yet another day. And a bowl of crisps and nuts because you’ve gone off the idea of dinner now. And that pizza is on its way.

Not uneducated, lazy or greedy. Just overwhelmed with it all.

How to change it

Set boundaries. Put yourself higher up the priority list. Don’t take any s**t at the detriment of your physical and mental wellbeing.

Take that walk, the mobile phone issue can wait. Tell your daughter to delay her vegan diet until tomorrow – dinner is ready. Say to your partner that you are obviously disappointed that they will be late as you had spent time preparing a meal – but avoid saying the dinner is in the dog. You’ve got that cream carpet to think of!

Ask for help

I set up my 6 week weight loss programme, based on healthy eating, 10 years ago. My mission was to support people who struggle with finding the right balance. It gives me so much joy to see people lose the baggage of the diet cycle.

I’m a giver, a pleaser and over the years that has meant that what I want, what I want to achieve and my mental and physical health has got lost in translation.

That was then and this is now.

If you want to lose the excess weight, email me or complete the contact form

It’s never, ever too late to lose that excess baggage. Trust me.