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As with many people, you name it, I’ve tried it. I started to really look at my lifelong pattern of behaviour. I’ve always been really active and that wasn’t making the difference.

Yve’s program is all about gorgeous real food, accountability and support.

No faffing with calories or weighing food, just practical real food and great recipes. Her testimonials and results speak for themselves.

I lost 25lbs in 6 weeks. It didn’t feel like a diet or hardship, because it’s not. It’s a new, healthy start that will lead you on a great path to health and well-being. If you’re in two minds, just go for it, you won’t regret it!


The only way I have ever lost weight and kept it off! Yve invests so much time and energy in her clients and you’ve got a friend and support for life!!


This healthy eating plan has enabled me to sustain an achievable and healthy weight loss in a desired time.
6 for Success helps you to look at different food options and plan satisfying meals without missing out on social events
The greatest bonus of this plan is that you have regular 1-1 support and coaching from Yve who is not only motivating but has a REAL understanding of the challenges and the great rewards of this amazing healthy eating plan.


I completed a 6 week programme with 6 for Success earlier this summer as a remote client and lost a total of about 10kg. After a fabulous and very motivational chat with Yve, I went out and did a big shop, filling my fridge with all the food necessary to make it easy and to follow the recipes provided.
Yve’s support and guidance is incredible and the gentle nudges every day help to keep you on track. The recipes are really great and I thoroughly enjoyed making the carb free options. Eating some meals at the preferred time was, occasionally, quite difficult, especially at the weekends, but a little flexibility goes a long way! I lost a steady amount each week and really found the WhatsApp communication helpful. Enormous thanks to Yve – I cannot recommend this eating plan enough. It’s quite strict but very simple, and if you just focus for 6 short weeks, the benefits are very obvious. Taking ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos is also really helpful, as the effects are there for all to see. Thanks, Yve!


As a coach, I always encourage my clients to take care of themselves. And I knew that my weight was not healthy but over the years I had become confused about all the different opinions on what we need to do. I knew I did not want to go on a diet or count calories or points. Yve’s 6 for Success plan is simple to follow good healthy food and her support is amazing. It has made a real difference to me and I am delighted that I made the decision to work with her and the weight loss I have achieved since August despite having 3 weeks holidays and numerous family celebrations during that time! Thanks Yve x

Suzanne Mountain

Yve is so supportive and offers so much more than weight loss support! Her knowledge and encouragement it what makes the journey with her so special. I have adopted her fabulous hints and tips into to my family cooking and everyone is benefitting. Her plan and her encouragement really works and the recipes are staple favourites in our weekly meals. You cannot fail with this amazing lady… she won’t let you fail and she’ll be there every step of the way celebrating your achievement.


Yve is AMAZING at what she does in supporting you as a client on your weight loss / healthy journey… it also helps she’s great fun too! Without hesitation, I’d recommend her.


Cannot praise Yve and the 6 for Success plan enough. This diet plan really worked and is helped by the constant support of Yve. It’s short enough to be doable and sensible enough to not feel deprived. Common sense approach and tasty food. Yve’s sense of humour and never failing attention is the perfect recipe for success.


If you are serious about losing your extra weight and want guaranteed success in doing so, then Yve and her 6 for Success programme is what you need. Yve is incredibly supportive and has a wealth of knowledge in how to eat tasty, healthy food so you are never hungry and feel satisfied with what you are eating. She 100% invests herself into you staying on track and seeing results quickly to keep you motivated. I am delighted to have finally reached my goal weight and kept the weight off a year on from my journey. I had tried and failed with several other weight loss regimes and I know I it was Yve that makes the difference. I would highly recommend Yve and her wonderful 6 for Success programme. In fact, I have sent several friends to Yve and ALL of them have achieved their weight loss goals. You’re an inspiration Yve!


So where to start about the lovely Yve. She helped me lose weight over 2 years ago with her fabulous 6 for Success plan. She is there for you every step of the way and more. Her 100% attention to everyone is the real reason for success. That and her lovely recipes!! Without her there every day, it would have been so much harder. I still see Yve occasionally when those holiday pounds have gone on or I’ve had one to many pies! The support is incredible and I have never been back to my ‘pre Yve’ weight since. I also have learnt some valuable lessons about food, if not most importantly protein is king and keeps you fuller for longer!!!! Love you Yve and thank you.


Starting 6 for Success with Yve was the best thing I ever did. Having tried lots of other diet plans over the years, this one really worked. With determination, organisation and will power you can get incredible results in a short space of time. Yve’s knowledge, recipes and support is second to none. Couldn’t have done it without her. I have also managed to keep the weight off since. Would highly recommend to anyone serious about weight loss and changing their lives for the better.


I have just finished my 6 for Success programme with Yve and I can honestly say it’s the best experience I have ever had. Yve coaches and supports you every single step of the way, it really has been life changing for me and I can’t recommend her enough. I am starting on the maintenance plan, as I want to ensure I continue on this amazing journey.. thank you Yve, you are a real star


Can’t thank Yve enough for being an amazing coach – I have finished my 6 weeks and determined to maintain my slim shape! Cannot praise Yve enough and all done remotely!


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