I speak to so many women in their mid to late-fifties who have almost given up on trying to lose weight because of the menopause, or ‘the change’, as it used to be referred to.

Is it possible to still lose weight after the menopause?

The simple answer is YES! Basic science doesn’t stop working just because our monthly cycle has. Many women, however, find that they carry weight in different areas, most particularly around their middle. I know my own waist has disappeared, it’s not called middle aged spread for nothing! As we age, lots of things slow down, including our metabolism. But it’s not a reason to give up trying.

Some women suffer with menopausal symptoms more than others. Hot flushes, disturbed sleep patterns, low mood and low energy to name a few. And the answer is often to eat ‘comfort food’ as a result. Resorting to high fat and high sugar foods just perpetuates those symptoms. By eating a diet high in colourful and nutritious foods will help to increase energy levels and will ensure you lose weight and here’s the great news…it’s a WIN-WIN situation!

The saboteurs!

We all know who they are! There is always one friend who will be full of horror stories about life after the menopause and will advise you not to bother to try and lose weight – it’s impossible. That same friend, maybe, who was full of grisly details about their child birth experience! Or the nightmare of having teenage children. The list goes on.

And we can be our own worst saboteurs, too. As we get older, we can often have the mind-set that ‘life is too short’. What’s the point in trying to lose weight now? Let’s eat the cake etc. And all that is fine, if we really are happy with our weight and the way we look. But, sadly, it can often contribute to our lack of confidence and low self-esteem.

Case Study 1

I worked with Julie during 2019 she was keen to lose weight before her 50th Birthday and had over the years tried many other options. Watch the video to hear what she has to say about the experience of following my plan and what it’s like to work with me.

And I think you’ll agree she looks fabulous in this photo all ready to celebrate her big birthday!


Case Study 2

I worked with a wonderful lady who was 71 years young and struggled with mobility issues. She was someone who had a late menopause at 59 and had made the decision to give up on a life time of dieting and embrace the idea that it would be pointless to keep trying. A reunion of her oldest and dearest friends gave her the impetus to embark on my 6 week programme.

She lost 28 lbs and has never looked back. She had a wardrobe full of beautiful clothes that had been gathering dust on the hangers for years but had never had the heart to get rid of. A fantastic result for someone who thought there was no point in trying.

HRT – does it help?

Estrogen levels drop after the menopause which can lower our metabolic rate, the rate at which the body converts stored energy into working energy. There is some evidence that HRT increases a woman’s resting metabolic rate, therefore helping to slow down weight gain, but it’s not the answer to everything! We need to move more, eat well and do more strength building exercise to increase muscle mass – all which will help enormously.


Will the menopause mean you can’t lose weight? Absolutely NOT! We may not lose weight at the rate we did in our thirties and forties – but we WILL lose it. Keep that faith, I have so many examples of women that have done it very successfully. Embrace ‘the change’, positively.

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