Hmmmm….well there is no right answer to this question. Is summer easier because we can barbeque lovely lean meat, accompanied by salad? Post Christmas because we have all had our fill of too much rich food? Spring – because we are celebrating the lighter nights and anticipating holidays?

From my experience it’s late autumn in the run up to Christmas that most people struggle with. As Halloween approaches I thought it would be appropriate to discuss tricks and/or treats.


Is there a trick to successful weight loss? Can we still eat like we have historically and get away with it? Is there a trick that can magic the weight dropping off? If there was then we would all be so happy!

Of course there isn’t . Nothing changes, if nothing changes.

The most powerful  ‘trick’ is to do a fore and against list. ‘Weigh up’ the pros and cons. Some examples from my clients are as follows:

I can’t fit into the majority of clothes in my wardrobe

But I WILL! And it will feel like a whole new wardrobe!

I can’t look at myself in the mirror

I know that in a few weeks/months time you won’t get me away from it!

I feel a failure

I’m a successful, strong and awesome individual!

I’m a bad example to my kids

I’m a great parent – I’m not failing anyone!

I won’t let anyone see me naked

Gok Wan – here I come!

I’m out of control

I’m in complete control of the only thing I can control – what I put in my own mouth!

So why doesn’t anything change? Is it because we don’t feel supported, accountable, important enough?


When we feel all or some of the above  ‘cons’ we have the desire to comfort eat. ‘Treat’ ourselves. The instant comfort from the treat(s) does the job – but then we have to live with the hellish guilt. A horrid cycle that can be so difficult to break. I often advise my clients to find alternative ‘treats’ as a way of showing themselves some love. A massage, a manicure, a lovely bath surrounded by scented candles. All far more nurturing and far healthier than chocolate.

Focus and hard work pays off

I’ve made it sound easy – and it isn’t. That’s exactly why I support my clients every single day of the 6 week programme. I’m uncompromising in my role as a coach, a champion and a cheerleader. Which means that I might sometimes care more about your weight loss than you do. And also why I will challenge you and ask you difficult questions at times. Not because I want to scare you – but because I care. Deeply.

Don’t be scared to do something different

If you can’t trust yourself not to eat the Halloween treats this year – then don’t buy them. It really is as simple as that. Be different – be your change. Buy fruit instead to hand out. There will be lots of parents that will thank you!

There is no ideal season to lose weight – it’s an ideal mindset that we need. If you feel it’s ‘your time’ -then get in touch with me.